domenica 20 settembre 2015

Extremely strong

Mi scrive Oliver, mai sentito in vita mia.
Oggetto della mail 'Unique Opportunity'.

"Hi Alberto, I hope you're well.
I'm currently recruiting for a fantastic job with a leading company in the beautiful city of Berlin. Your profile looks extremely strong for this very good role. They offer car, phone, benefits and a very competitive salary.

Let's talk about it with Skype!

best regards,
Oliver T."

Hi Oliver, how much time. I hope your family is fine and the sun is shining all over the Germany. I've heard this year is going to snow more than past years, specially in the North. They say "Winter is coming". Anyway, I'm currently working in the beatiful city of Rome where the sun is high from March to November. The job is not fantastic, neither the money. But I work for the glory.
So, call me when you can offer some glory more.

all the best

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